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  • We carry Aquascape Pumps ideal for every application. From Statuary & Decorative Fountains to Waterfalls or general circulation.
  • Microfalls and Skimmers are used it the filtration of your new backyard oasis. These product can also be added to upgrade an existing pond. These products ad to the filtration of your pond both Mechanically and Biologically.
  • Pond Kits come with the necessary components assembled together in a convenient, all-in-one kit that takes the guesswork out of purchasing necessary components separately. Pond kits available in three different sizes 4’x6’, 6’x8’ and 8’x11’. Larger kits also available.
  • Pond supplies – Whatever you need to maintain your pond or Water feature Aquascape has a product for you! From keeping your water crystal clear to maintaining string algae Aquascape will have a product for you.
  •  Water Plants – We carry oxidizing plants for your ponds.

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Pond Kits

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Pond Supplies

Water Hyacinth

Waterfall Filter

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