Quality Edging Products from Fisher in London

Fisher is your source for high-quality edging products to help complete the look of any outdoor space. Visit us in London, Ontario to see what we have in stock.

Permacon Celtik Mega Curb (Manufactured Concrete) can be used as an edging material.  In the photo Celtik Mega Curb has been used to separate the garden from the Driveway.  

Cap Rock

Caprock is a natural stone product that can be used as an edging material. In the photo, caprock has been used to separate the garden from the driveway. Part of the caprock is buried. Therefore, once installed, it probably isn’t going to move, which is great when snowplowing your driveway.


Aluminum Brick Stop – Paver Restraint

Used for restraining pavers for walkways and patios. Can be bent to create a 90 degree corner or angles as needed Can curve with NO cutting required.
8.333’ length pieces – spikes required

Nova One – Paver Restraint (Lightweight Vinyl)

Used for restraining pavers for walkways and patios. The benefit of Nova One is the incorporation of the Spine of cross supports that can be clipped to transform from Rigid to Curved in just a few seconds.
Nova One is designed with 1.75” Vertical Wall Height for use with most standard 60mm Pavers, 7.5’ Length Pieces – Spikes Required

Nova Flex – Paver Restraint (Lightweight Vinyl)

Nova Flex incorporates a variation in the horizontal tab design that provides increased flexibility for curved applications. NovaFlex™ is designed with 1.75″ vertical wall height for use with most standard 60mm pavers. 7.5’ Length Pieces – Spikes Required

EdgePro Low Profile

Edge Low Profile (Heavy Duty Vinyl)

Exclusive to Hyde Park Location

Heavy-duty vinyl edge restraint system for 40mm concrete or brick pavers.  EdgePro Low Profile features a 1.25″ vertical wall height that makes it ideal for thinner paving applications, including flagstone and wet cast pavers.  Rigid option available for installations that require straight lines.


The pavers that are used as edging… any of the pavers tend to have a stone that can be used as a solider course which would be a type of edging. Whether it is separating a garden from a driveway or walkway or separating different types of hardscape surfaces. 

Aluminum Garden Edging

 8’ Long x 4” Depth / Spikes Required

Snap edge pavers

Snap Edge – Paver Restraint (PVC)

No matter what application, when it comes to unit pavers… Snap Edge is the Superior Choice!

  • One piece system does it all: Straight, curved and even a complete radius without waste.
  • An 8′ piece transports easily and requires no extra connectors.
  • Patented snap and spoke together ends for a secure connection and extra support.
  • Rugged injetion bolded plastic ensures the strongest edge designed for commercial, vehicular, and patio/walkway applications.
  • Can be installed before or after the pavers have been laid.
  • Easy to install with common 8″ – 12″ landscape spikes.
  • Convenient and efficient packaging.

Bumper Curbs

Are just as simple as they can get. Used to define parking spaces.

Landscape Fabric 

  • 3’ x 50 Rolls (Packaged)
  • 48” x 300’ Rolls (Sold by the Roll or Foot)
  • 75” x 300’ Rolls (Sold by the Roll or Foot)
  • Non-Woven Linq 120 EX (6’3” x 360’) Sold by LF