Grass Seed, Sod, and Fertilizer Sales in London, Ontario

We’ll Help You Choose Sod in London, Ontario
If you don’t have time to wait for grass to grow, sod is the perfect solution. With our sod, your London, Ontario lawn will soon look fresh, healthy, and green. We also sell grass seed, including shade and sun varieties, and fertilizer that will help your lawn flourish.


Our Sod, Grass, and Fertilizer Products

When you need an instant lawn, use our 40 lb. sod rolls. Each 2′ by 5′ roll should span 10 square feet. Our convenient delivery options in London include transporting as much as 20 skids with our fork truck.

Please be aware that we do not accept returns on sod.


Visit Our Locations
Our experts are happy to discuss your lawn’s needs either over the phone or in person at one of our two stores. Come to us with questions about our products, pricing, or delivery options. Check out our FAQ page for useful information about how to correctly use sod on your London, Ontario yard.

Grass Seed (3 Types)

seedGrass seed

  • All Purpose: A low cost seed for use in sun and shade areas. One pound covers approximately 200 sq. ft.
  • Sun: For use in areas that are exposed to sun throughout the day. One pound covers 200 sq. ft.
  • Shade: For areas that are shaded 70% of the time from the sun. One pound covers 200 sq. ft.


sodPile of available sod in London, Ontario
Fisher carries high-quality sod for a variety of applications.

Weight and Coverage:
A roll weighs approximately 40 lbs.
Each roll covers 10 sq. feet, and measures 2′ wide by 5′ long. We supply 70 rolls per skid.

* Please note that our sod is sold as is and is not returnable. Delivery of up to 20 skids is available for $80 in London and surrounding areas. Please ensure your property has at least a 10′ opening for our fork truck to enter.


fertilizerSeed and fertilizer
Different types of lawns require different types of care. In addition to selecting the proper type of topsoil, the right fertilizer can mean the difference between a lush, green lawn and a desolate patch of dirt. Proudly serving London, Ontario and surrounding areas, Fisher is your trusted choice for high-quality lawn fertilizers.




8-32-16 TURF STARTER Fertilizer with Slow Release

This is a very good fertilizer as a sod starter or for any new lawn. The higher phosphorus content encourages root growth, and helps plants get established. This, plus a good amount of watering will get new sod off to a great start.

10000 square feet of lawn (4 bags per acre)

21-6-12 LAWN MIX Fertilizer with 40% Slow Release

This is a very good spring or summer blend for established lawns. Some of the nitrogen will release within a few weeks, and the remaining nitrogen will release over a period of 1-2 months to encourage the long-term growth of your lawn. This fertilizer will help sustain the most growth of your grass.

10000 square feet of lawn (4 bags per acre)

15-15-15 GENERIC MIX Fertilizer with Slow Release

This is a bit of a generic blend that is terrific for gardens, shrubs and lawns. It will not produce as much growth as the 21-6-12, but it will encourage healthier plants and roots. If you have trees, shrubs or a lawn that are looking tough, this is the right blend for you.

10000 square feet of lawn (4 bags per acre)